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Over the last 40 years I have seen a lot of changes. But what’s never changed for me is the love I have for this community. The unique character of what makes Langley so special cannot be lost as it continues to grow. That strong desire to protect what makes Langley special is so important to have at the council table.  

How we build our community, the protection of our farmlands, safe roads, social infrastructure, and ensuring our youth have activities and places to grow and thrive are just some examples of what I believe is incredibly important to be focused on to ensure the Langley we love is not lost. But this also extends to the mayor’s office, to the atmosphere of transparency, collaboration, and respect. 

 The tone that is set from the mayor’s chair reaches not only through council and the organization, but it also affects how others see us from inside and outside of our community. It is important to me that we protect the Langley we love and ensure it remains the special place we love to call home.  

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My Story

I am a single mother of four daughters, living in the Yorkson area of Willoughby. I was born and raised here in the Langley Township and have been grateful to have raised my daughters here as well. I am the Government Relations Lead and Conduct Advisor for the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. My journey in Langley politics began when I was first elected almost eleven years ago, I have held two terms as Councillor and this will be my 4th election. Previously to my current career I was a REALTOR as well as a small business owner here in the Township of Langley. I am currently working to complete my certificate in Collaborative Conflict Resolution at the JIBC. 





Twice elected council member Michelle Sparrow is changing the narrative of the upcoming Fall 2022 election, campaigning for “The Langley We Love!”


Langley, BC — Michelle Sparrow has officially announced she is in the running for Langley Township Mayor in the upcoming local general election being held on October 15, 2022.

Politics can feel distracting with messages that don’t correlate with our true experiences. Michelle’s decision to run for mayor is supported by the greater need she sees in the community that she loves. She understands that residents are struggling, whether it’s access to affordable housing, cost of living, available/affordable childcare, or the mental health and addiction crisis. Michelle believes township residents need a mayor who is not only in tune with individuals and families in the community but one who is prepared to take real action and understands this cannot be done alone.


Michelle believes that a mayor must be able to relate, empathize and advocate on behalf of residents. A mayor can help amplify the collective voice of the community, and together they can create the change needed. This change can be achieved through Michelle’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and respect.

Sparrow’s campaign for “The Langley We Love” is a grassroots movement which is for the residents. Just as she did in 2011, 2014 & 2018, Michelle will not be accepting donations from developers, including those employed by them or who are lobbying on their behalf. Sparrow explains, “Community building should be free of the financial influence of powerful development companies.”

As an added commitment to full transparency, details of her campaign financing will be made available on her website effective immediately, where she will disclose all campaign contributions and expenses in real-time. No anonymous donations will be accepted.

This level of transparency is a stark contrast to typical campaigners where the details are not revealed until months following the election. “Voters deserve to know who is ‘sponsoring’ their next Mayor before they vote, not afterwards” said Sparrow.


Michelle has a proven track record on the issues the Township faces, and a voting record that shows she leads by example, builds relationships, and collaborates in order to get to the consensus that is needed to get things done.

More information will be released soon on Michelle‘s full platform that can be expected to center around housing and development, the protection of our agricultural lands, and the immediate need to address our fire services staffing, capital, and training deficits.

Choose transparency, collaboration, and respect.


Choose Michelle Sparrow for Langley Township Mayor., for the Langley we love!

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