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On Jan. 25 2016, Sparrow presented a motion to council asking staff to create a report on charging community amenity contributions (CACs) to developers
building new homes. CACs would help growth pay for growth, says Sparrow


"The Township of Langley could be “leaving money on the table” when it comes to funding new community amenities by not implementing a
development fee already used in neighbouring municipalities, says
Coun. Michelle Sparrow."

ALR subdivision nixed.

The motion to send the application to the ALC died on a tie vote, with Ferguson and Councillors
Michelle Sparrow, David Davis and Kim Richter

Sparrow said she doesn’t believe there’s an easy
solution to the problem, as “there is the symptom of some bigger issues going on here.” “If we don’t talk about them, and if we don’t ...
stand up and be brave enough to say what’s
happening isn’t right, then it will just continue to be normal. And it will continue to be allowed as how we should treat each other.”


Developers big source of campaign donations in the Township of Langley  

Langley Township council backs subdivision of former Tuscan Farm

"Opponents of the Tuscan project complained it was another case of building high-density housing on agricultural land and compared it to the controversial Wall proposal near Trinity Western University.

Councillors David Davis, Kim Richter, and Michelle Sparrow, who voted against."

CACs head to
Township committee


“Our growth is not currently paying for our growth,” Sparrow said.

On Nov. 27 2017, council approved 8-1 a motion from Coun. Michelle Sparrow to have staff create a report and presentation on what a Township-wide development phasing strategy could look like.

"She noted that other
municipalities are successfully using development phasing strategies, meaning the Township would not have to “reinvent the wheel.”"

Brookswood-Fernridge OCP gets one more public hearing

"Councillor Michelle Sparrow had called for another hearing, after the 15 amendments that were added to the OCP last week. She argued that the new version had changed so much, it made sense to let people comment on it again."

Sparrow joins race for Langley Township mayor’s seat

Shelter needed for Langley youth. 

"It is important to get the project off the ground right away, Councillor Michelle Sparrow told Township council on Nov. 19. “At the very least we need to get this moving and to get this up and running this winter so that the youth in our community are cared for,” she said. Sparrow brought forth a motion to provide $5,000 from council contingency to match the amount donated by the City of Langley for the project."

Township council grants third reading to the Maple Gardens seniors housing project

“I think that that is something that we’re now going to be offering to even more of our residents and people from outside our community — to be able to come, and live, and age in place in a facility that will really feel like a home to them,” Sparrow said. “And I’m really excited to see it build out, and I think it is something that will be an asset to our community and to the seniors that live in our community.”

Township proposes park at Tara Farms

“While I appreciate the idea of creating a park, this is contingent on allowing urban development on farmlands and I believe preserving our agricultural lands should be our main objective,” she told the Times.

CACs would help growth pay for growth, says Sparrow Township councillor urges colleagues to consider including a community amenity contribution in developers’ fees

Langley Township’s modern-day alchemy

Council's actions help developers turn farmland dirt into real estate gold.

"I give full credit to Councillors David Davis, Kim Richter and Michelle Sparrow for continuing to point out that this particular emperor has no clothes on. I hope their stance on this is remembered favourably by voters next November."

"In a press release issued last Tuesday, Councillor Michelle Sparrow said the simulator will give the Township more input than it would glean from the usual process of public meetings. “Having 30 people at an open house is not an effective measure of public opinion,” said Sparrow.

While certain budget items, such as wages, cannot be changed, Sparrow said information collected through the “Citizen Budget” will give the Township an indication of what people do and don’t want."

Housing development to be bundled with university district Langley Township's move intended to avoid Metro Vancouver legal action. 

"Davis, Richter and Councillor Michelle Sparrow voted against the motion, and all asked why the university district and the Wall proposal were being linked."


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