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“The Langley We Love” is a grassroots movement which is for the residents. Just as was done in 2011, 2014 & 2018, I will not be accepting donations from developers, including those employed by them or who are lobbying on their behalf.

Community building should be free of the financial influence of powerful development companies.


As an added commitment to full transparency, details of all campaign financing will be made available here, where all campaign contributions will be disclosed in real-time.


No anonymous donations will be accepted.

2022 Candidate Expense Limits


Matthew Muise $500

Laureen Dubois $25

Carlie Landygo $52.32

Marilyn Piticco $1250

Michelle Sparrow $1250

Joanne & Roy Thomson $50

Scott Thompson $5.71

Mitchell Nurse $26.41

Marybeth Rodgers $52.32

Kali Deans $50

Karen Ethier $25

Sandra Davidson $440.88

Beverly Anderson $100

Rod Powell $518.59

Thomas Kelleher $250

Linda Sparrow $100

Sarah Lavarock $500

Kendra Kelleher $50

Jack & Maureen Muise $1250

John Sparrow $100

Jenni Ponak $500

Kris Ouellette $104.12

Kellyn Bezerra $1250

Kylee Dubois $31.59

Olivia Chow $1250

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