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housing & how we grow

The Township of Langley, like many communities across our region, is facing a housing affordability crisis and while the issue is complex there is in my opinion a definite role that municipal governments play in mitigating it. I believe the relationship between supply and demand plays an integral role in housing affordability. It is imperative that municipalities look at ways in which municipal governments can help ensure an adequate supply of new housing stock enters the market. 

House Frames

Let’s start a new discussion about building a community that we want to live in and spend time in rather than just drive through on our way to another destination.


Over the last eleven years, I have spoken about a different vision for our community: a balance of urban and rural; of heritage and the future. I crave new conversations: a new way to build community. Connecting people with their lived environment.  I want to create a walkable community together and be thoughtful of what we will leave for our children and grandchildren. Safe, walkable roads are an integral part to the equation and recipe for a livable city.

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Over the last two reporting years there has been a 119 per cent increase in fire-related deaths around BC, while increases to the Township of Langley's fire service has been falling behind. As our community grows so do the incidents of calls for assistance, with the ToL Firefighters responding to almost 8000 calls last year. We are facing an alarming reality if we do not shift our thinking to more of a proactive stance.



I believe there is a disconnect between citizens and governments. I believe the public feels disconnected from the process and from local government itself and many have even less faith than ever in democracy. We can and must change this and better connect and engage the public with our local government. 

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People in Park


Approximately 75% of the land in our community is within the Agricultural Land Reserve. Over our more recent history there has been an alarming trend of urban development being approved on our agricultural lands. Whether the lands still remain in the ALR with the Agricultural Land Commission’s approval for urban development or it is removed outright, is in my opinion really just semantics and an indicator of a large loophole in the process. 

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In my role as Mayor I will focus on successful collaboration and on working together for meaningful achievements. I believe in collaboration, authentic connections, and honest leadership. I believe in all of us there is a deep desire for honest communication, to understand and to be understood. We all seek authentic connections, to be known, accepted, and valued. I see the role of mayor as someone who can encourage and facilitate those conversations and connections. 


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